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QuizStop je sajt na kome se nalazi preko 200 raznih testova, svrstanih u kategorije: ljubav (LOVE), licni identitet (SELF), avantura (ADVENTURE), inteligencija i znanje (BRAIN AND KNOWLEDGE), i kategorija u koju su svrstani svi ostali testovi, zabavni i sl. (OTHER, FUN STUFF).

Lista svih testova po kategorijama:

"LOVE" (ljubav)

Is the Past affecting your Love Life?
Are you Faithful?
Are you "turned on" easily?
Are you an Odd Couple?
Are you Affectionate?
What do his (or her) kisses tell you?
Will your Crush become a Squeeze?
What qualities (in the opposite sex) make you SWOON?
What do your wedding choices reveal?
Choose Your Favorite Heart
Can you mend a Broken Heart?
Who is the archer named Cupid?
Is your relationship destined for glory?
What would your Lover look like as a Human Thumb?
Is your Crush a Game Player?
What do your partner's sleep positions tell you?
Do you fantasize HEAVILY about love?
Are you a love sneak?
How selective are you?
Are you high-or-low maintenance?
How much do you disclose to your partner about sex?
Will you be loved for yourself?
How sharp is your Dating Compass?
How FAST is your Dating Speed?
How WOW(!) are you in love?
How HEAVY is your love...on a Scale of Love?
Do your "quirks" relate successfully...in mutual love?
The Psyche Session: He isn't aware that you EXIST?
Will your PASSION endure?
You & Crush: match or complement?
What qualities (in the opposite sex) make you MELT?
Who's more "smitten" by the other in your relationship?
Does your Crush have X-ray eyes?
How do YOU spell L-O-V-E?
Is your love red, green, or blue? (10 questions)
Where shall you meet your True Love? (10 questions)
Who is the Master in your relationship?
Are you in the Love Zone...or the Twilight Zone?
Is your lover "zeroed-in" to you?
How jealous are you?
Should you commit to him (or her)?
Are you a Romantic or a Realist?
What is your Relationship Thermometer telling you?
Are you able to be intimate?
Are you and your lover "best friends"?
Is he (or she) a "prospect" for you?
Will you be together...forever?
Do you LOVE humanity?
Are you ADDICTED to love?
How loyal (or trusting) are you?
Are you being used?
Do you LOVE being a guy (or a girl)?
Are you SUPER romantic?
Do you LIKE the opposite sex?
Are you READY for love?
Does HE really love you?
Does SHE really love you?
Are you "in love"?

"SELF" (licni identitet)

Are you going Mad?
Will You Ever Turn Evil?
Are you at Peace?
Can you be hypnotized?
What belongings would you put into a Time Capsule?
What's your current mood state?
Whose company would you choose on a lonely island?
Can you BUST your "personal" gremlins?
Does Anything Surprise You?
What's your "hidden" Value?
Look into the Magic Mirror
Measure your Brain Waves in the "Brain" Booth!
Through whose eyes do you See?
Where do you Hurt?
Are you different?
Are you in your own world?
Do you think in pictures?
Are you a Charmer?
Your Myers-Briggs Personality Profile
Are you Perceiving or Judging?
Are you a sensation-seeker?
Are you double-jointed?
Handwriting Analysis TestDo you come from Earth?
Whose Self is your Shadow?
How assertive are you?
Who will you be in the year 2021?
Are you comfortable with success?
How sensuous are you?
Are you a worry wart?
Will you live past seventy?
What's your dream index?
How honest are you?
Are you a Thinker or a Feeler?
Are you (...to be revealed)?
Are you in free fall?
Are you good or evil?
Are you here...or yesterday?
Do you have FLASH memories?
Are you psychic?
Are you imaginative?
Are you happy or sad?
Are you introverted or extroverted?
Are you sensing or intuitive?

"ADVENTURE" (avanture)

The Pregnant Lady ADVENTURE Quiz
The Romance ADVENTURE Quiz
The Astronaut ADVENTURE Quiz
The Child Rescue ADVENTURE Quiz
The Jungle ADVENTURE Quiz
The Parallel Universe ADVENTURE Quiz
The Stalker ADVENTURE Quiz
The Spirit ADVENTURE Quiz
The Killer ADVENTURE Quiz
The Vampire ADVENTURE Quiz
The Pirate ADVENTURE Quiz

"BRAIN" AND "KNOWLEDGE" (inteligencija i znanje)

What's Your VISUAL quotient? #3 (uses optical illusions)
What's Your VISUAL quotient? #2 (uses optical illusions)
What's Your VISUAL quotient? #1 (uses optical illusions)
What's Your ANGEL Quotient? #3
What's Your ANGEL Quotient? #2
What's Your ANGEL Quotient? #1
What's Your COMIC STRIP quotient?
What's Your BRAIN TEASER quotient?
What's your WEB quotient?
What's your SCIENCE quotient?
What's your TRIVIA quotient?
What's your WORD quotient?
What's your MATH quotient?

OTHER FUN STUFF (ostali testovi, zabavni i sl.)

How important is your dream life?
Create a Self-Tribute
Will you fall in love soon?
Do you know about current events?
Do you know your own Mind?
Angel Teardrops ("Applet" ILLUSION Gallery)
Transform your name into a Strobe Flash
Create a Slogan to Live By
Create your own Aura
Create an Invisible Message
Make your name a Roller Coaster
What's your Mental Forecast for Today?
Your Love Path
Nuke your Bad Parts
A Story of Hidden Meanings
Create a Couple's Poster!
Angel Hang-the-Man
How's your Subliminal "Hot Word" Perception?
Color Attack Game
Alien Tic-Tac-Toe
What's Your Favorite Color?
Play The Psychic Slot Machine
Cosmic Effects ("Applet" ILLUSION Gallery)
Angel Effects ("Applet" ILLUSION Gallery)
The Sound Quiz - HEAR What You Type! ("Applet" Quiz)
Test Your Hearing ("Applet" Quiz)
What Scares You the Most?
How Steady is your Mouse-Hand?
What's your Expiration Date?
What kind of Snowman are you?
The Sex Knowledge Test
The Relationship "Ice Cream" Blender
Are you haunted by the past?
Submit Your Great Idea
The TV Ad Trivia Quiz
Are you argumentative?
Are you happy-go-lucky?
What's your Fashion Profile?
Are you Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?
Another Two-Partner Match-o-Matic
The "Self and Love" Calculator
The Relationship Auto-Blender
Escape from Darkness
The Two-Partner Match-o-Matic
The Emotion Color-Changer
The "Sweet Nothings" Generator
Hang-the-Man for Lovers
Your Myers-Briggs Personality Profile
Are you a good kisser?
Test your typing speed
When your love-egg hatches...will YOU fly out?
Test your reaction time
What's your MOVIE quotient?
Are you a Public Flirt?
Do you have a good sense of humor?
On what day were you born?



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